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The Author: About Him

For a number of years this author has penned sporadic narratives for no other reason than that of a therapeutic nature. The topics of running and moaning have stayed consistent, as has the ounce of philosophy that makes an occasional appearance, all usually wrapped up tightly with awful grammar and a teaspoon of wit.

The other reason for this nonsensical blogging is that the author doesn’t enjoy having to repeat himself, so if he believes the same topic will be told / discussed more than 3 times, its most likely covered here.

The words in these posts are not intended to be polished and particularly proofed, as if  hours are spent rewording content then the aforementioned therapeutic qualities would cease to be, and I would be left with yet another life chore.

The Website

As already stated, the main interests of this particular author are: running, philosophy, general life and sarcasm, it also acts as a great form of procrastination. It is important to note however that the author has a short attention span and easily get distracted.

This means that, for example. Just because there is a ‘part 1’ and ‘part 3’ of a particular post, doesn’t mean there is a ‘part 2’, although efforts are made to keep it logical. But let’s be fair, logic stunts progress. #deep

Furthermore, at no point will this site be ‘complete’, it’s a work in progress and there is no backup, so sometimes it might simply not work. But realistically, the chances of someone wanting to read the blog at the same time its down is highly improbable, although not impossible #blackswan For now, that is it, so feel free to let your eyes frolic around the blog posts and your mind try and decipher a meaning from what has been written.

If you would like to contact me and feel li, feel free to email me at or add me on or follow me on Twitter / Facebook

Some Running…

The topic of running is a grand title that can be summed up with the tagline ‘ideas of grandeur equating to frequent DNFs’ and basically encompasses content such as race reports, aspirations, rants, euphoric exclamations when he breaks a PB or manages not to DNF. Or realistically just ramblings about an experience he never thought he would have.

For example: the shetland pony sized unicorn that appears after 110 miles of consistent running, walking or crawling.. Although recent quiet reflection has suggested this may be an hallucination

This blog started at the point of being a novice, just starting out on the ‘first adventure’, this adventure was a race of mental distances! It was of course to be his first half marathon. Since then this blog has recorded the first marathon, fell race and ultra marathon, as time progressed it then outlined the trials and failures of multi-day events and the success and of course subsequent failures of his ‘overseas races’.

He is pleased to say this ‘runner’ has completed more races than those DNF’d or DNS’d (but that may change this year) and that he has had the opportunity to push himself further than he thought possibly both mentally and physically whilst also holding down a full time ‘career’.

The Procrastinating Philosopher

Reading Philosophy is a pass time, one which may one day become something that will actually be studied, however for now its a mere pass time. A particular interest is that of psychopathy for various reasons. Reasons that may be obvious to some of the readers.  Occasionally something may be jotted down with a philosophical-air and posted on here, but this is unlikely as those types of posts take a lot of proofing, proofing which is generally against the ethos of this site

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