The Author – Pushing said Envelope


Now. Those who know me know that somedays I just throw caution to the wind.

I see danger and think ‘What the hell. I’ll give it a go’.

Today was one of those days. For today I ate a food thing that wobbled!

Yes. I know this sounds odd, but hose close to me know my strict aversion to wobble things. I just don’t trust them (with one exception).

And let’s be honest. This isn’t the strangest thing I’ve blogged about.

Situated on a plane from Madrid to Zurich, desert / pudding was deceivingly named ‘toffee delight’. But only once it arrived would I realise the deceit.  For a delightful food is not wobbly food.
Nevertheless I surprisingly found myself thinking

Thomas, you’re 30 something. You’re getting married next year. MTFU and eat that wobbly gelatinous toffee monster.  You might like it!

Yes the voices in my head refer to myself in the third person. It’s complicated. 

So although having to close my eyes before each mouthful. I loaded my mouth and swallowed whilst concentrating all my voices towards the faux-toffee flavour. Yummy….

And what was the conclusion of this emeblope pushing?


Earthquake resistent building on the other hand. now they should wobble. But only during an earthquake. Wobbly things need to know their place and act accordingly.

Although what I hate most are the things in life that pretend not to be wobbly then when you least expect it…

Wibblee Wobblee Woooo!!!!
Or jelly that hides away in otherwise unsuspecting food. Fuck you jelly. I know your game.

What would I tell my younger self? V.2


Nothing. (The summation of This)

Confessions of a Photographers Fiancé (Part 1)


My memory is a little hazy when it comes to the question ‘what came first, me being engaged or her being a photographer’. But I am undeniably to blame for this avenue as I – the enabler – bought this photographer her first DSLR, in retrospect I should’ve bought her a kitten.

I know that sounds negative and unsupportive but I don’t mean it like that. Well, I don’t think I do at least.

You see although you have to house train a kitten, pay vet fees, acknowledge that furniture will be destroyed and most importantly toes left abandoned from outside the duvet will be attacked; a kitten does not need to be upgraded 6 months after purchase, nor does a kitten require dedicated storage with redundancy (that is until cats inevitably rise up against humans) nor constant hardware and software upgrades.

Assuming that you know not who I am, by trade I reside within the IT sector which firstly makes me one of the few IT geeks that has a fiancee (well done me) and secondly it makes me first line, second line and third line tech support. But the difference is that I can’t tell her to reboot the machine and call back if he problem isn’t resolved and then head out for lunch….

And this is how I wound up providing remote support for a software installation whilst I’m in Peru and the troublesome laptop is still a UK resident!! Thankfully she thinks I’m an IT ninja as I got it all working with a cheeky workaround, and like all IT geeks I have no issue helping when I know how to solve the problem as with most similar minded folk I’ve experienced and had to resolve most problems before.

But like most IT geeks I dread the day when I can’t fix random problem of the day, because when that day comes and the ‘super IT geek’ bubble irreversibly bursts and I become no use to her photography passion at all.

I fear this will be the day I lose her to photography for good. Unless I accidentally break her equipment and get her a kitten that is…. 😉

Her website (also annoyingly nicer than mine) www.amandaforman,