About Me! The Author


IT Expert, Philosopher, Long Distance Runner

Although the TLD may have evolved over time, the topic has always been constant, and that topic is Running with an ounce of Philosophy.

By Running, I mean, race reports, aspirations, rants when I’m injured, euphoric exclamations when I break a PB or manage not to DNF, or just ramblings about an experience I never thought I would have.

I began this blog many years ago as a unprepared novice within the running arena, training for his first ½ marathon I was running 1-2 miles at a time, slowly increasing my mileage so that one day I would be fit enough to complete the insurmountable 13.1 miles.

Now a few years later, I have completed a number of ½ marathons, marathons, fell ½ marathons, fell marathons, multi-stage ultra-marathons and finally single stage ultra-marathons in excess of 100 miles. Not to mention a number of trail races thrown in for good measure. Oh, look, I did mention it.

A number of years later and I’m pleased to say I have completed more races than I have DNF’d or DNS’d and I have pushed myself further than I ever thought possible, and not to get all ‘wishy washy’, but I mean both mentally and physically.

I would however happily still refer to myself a as unprepared novice, I’m not sure at which point people graduate to anything else. There are so many races that I still want to experience and complete that I honestly think I’ll be running for the rest of my life. Or at the very least, until my knees fall off.

So, that’s me. A runner, who runs a lot and blogs about it, nothing ground breaking really. When not running, I work within the all encompassing field of IT and on the odd occasion when I have the time, I love to read philosophy.

The purpose of this website is for me to blog about my highs and lows of training and to shout about anything I think people should know, be that an awesome race I just ran and would recommend, or a kit shop that went the extra mile (pun intended), or even a life-lesson learnt that might help other runners out.

With that in mind, it is important for readers to note (as I am already aware) that I have a short attention span and easily get distracted. This means that, for example. Just because there is a ‘part 1’ and ‘part 3’ of a particular post, doesn’t mean there is a ‘part 2’, although I will try to my best to keep it logical. But let’s be fair, logic stunts progress. #deep

Furthermore, at no point will this site be ‘complete’, it’s a work in progress and I have no backup, so sometimes it might simply not work. But realistically, the chances of someone wanting to read my blog at the same time its down is highly improbable, although not impossible #blackswan

For now, that is it, so feel free to let your eyes frolic around the blog posts and your mind try and decipher a meaning from what I have written.

If you would like to contact me, feel free to email me at webmaster@tomforman.co.uk or add me on LinkedIn.com, Twitter or Facebook etc.