Confessions of a Photographers Fiancé (Part 3)


Today’s blog is about a technical blunder and a helping of humble pie and lastly of wedding fayres / fares or fairs.

Firstly, the ultimate tech-faux-pas occurred around about 2 weeks ago, but subsequently only admitted to miss photographer about 1 1/2 weeks ago.

Back that data up!

You see, being the technical arse that I am I had drilled it into the aforementioned photographer not to leave data solely on her laptop, but to ensure anything of importance was stored on our network storage.Then should the laptop implode whilst being put through its paces by Adobe Photoshop life as we know it wouldn’t end with all the data going up in digital smoke.

I’m not an expert on the inner workings of the female mind, however I’m pretty sure losing photos of her SPECIAL DAY would not be met with merriment.

With this all done and said, imagine the fun that was had upon explaining to said photographer that during a laptop migration her nerd of a fiancé had deleted most of data from the NAS.

Surprisingly I’m still here to tell the tale, although I think that’s mainly because she quickly realized I was probably the best chance & cheapest option for getting her data back again.

Needless to say, with a little tech-magic and a super-sized portion of luck. I got all the data back! When it boils down to it, this had nothing to do with my genius, merely the fact I’d set the NAS up to compensate for the Photographers lack of appreciation of backing stuff up.

Wedding Fares!?

Once upon a time, not so long ago, I used to spend my weekends at the gym or just catching up with friends. Sometimes, I just to watch TV all day and wind down from the previous week.

But now?! Now I spend at least one day of my weekend at a wedding fare supporting my Photographer in her endeavors. By this I mean I am allotted a number of responsibilities, mainly lifting props, driving to the venue, being a cheeky approachable chappy (which for this author is bloody hard hard work) and finally packing it all up and drive home at the end.

The confession – I guess – is that although I want to articulate how I loath these days spent playing ‘nice’ with strangers. I actually quite enjoy it and although it sounds mushier than mushy peas. I feel really proud and excited to show off the stall that this Photographer has dressed with her own artwork.

Even if I occasionally try and pass it off as my own.


Confessions of a Photographers Fiancé (Part 2)


As a middle aged bloke – on occasion – I have been known to fake a few things when it comes to the relationship with the Fiancee.

Although this is not something I’m proud of, I feel I need come clean and get it off my chest. To clear my conscience, if you will.

You see, during the start of the relationship it was just the basics, an opinion on sofa cushions here, faking the preference of a colour scheme there.

That moment in every mans life when he hears himself say ‘cushions on the bed?! Excellent!’. #shudder

But now, now that she has emerged as a annoyingly talented photographer I find myself faking it even more than before (her site).

I mean come on! How can a non-photographer really be expected to both have an opinion and also care about such things as ‘focal length’, ‘colour space’ or TTL?!

TTL in this instance is not short for “Time to Live”. I have never had an experience pass as quickly as that brief moment when I thought we had an acronym in common. Only for the acronym to emerge as “Through The Lens” midway through a very confusing conversation. Which by the way isn’t a spin off of “Through the Keyhole”).

I just think its unfair, I don’t converse with her about topics relating to digital forensics or how best to avoid IO saturation whilst attempting to consolidate terabytes of data onto one hard disk.

A part of me thinks she must be testing me! But to what end?!

Maybe I should just buy her a new Mac?! That would distract her and also prevent the geek bubble bursting when she finally realizes I can’t make her current Mac go any quicker. A win win in my eyes, excluding the financial impact.

Deep down I guess my problem is that I know that I’m winging a lot of this techie-photography stuff. Although I’m more of the coding type of geek rather than arty-farty-person who can make stuff look good, ergo the concept of cloning, smoothing and changing colours all feels rather pointless to me. And yet, I still find myself making all the right noises (you know the ones).

Now. Take a discussion of automating her post-processing requirements or onsite / off site backs strategy and I’m not faking it anymore!  Those noises are genuine!

Unfortunately such topics of interest arise as often as a blue moon. I can only assume due to me doing such a good job at being an IT support nerd for a needy photographer..



The Author: Shedding tech faster than a squirrel eats nuts


A few weeks ago I reached a tipping point. I’m not entirely sure what pushed me over the edge of this particular abyss, but having stared into it for so long that something finally stared back, I took that final leap into the unknown.

That’s right. The tech was shed.

Phase 1 – The Devices

In the initial shedding that followed I ditched two iPhones and and Apple Watch, the devices subsequently kept were my work phone and iPad mini. Mainly because I enjoy blogging and reading on my iPad and my work phone is a necessary prerequisite for being paid a wage.

Somewhat convinced that a lack of connectivity with the world would be an obvious hinderance, I tentatively left the safety of my flat and made my way to work. Without Twitter nor Facebook, not even access to various email accounts to constantly check. I wander freely. Without my tech.

After making it through the train ride unscathed I soon started to realise that The world wasn’t going to end. Furthermore should the world suddenly come to a close, I would witness the event first hand and not via some poorly written, shoddily structured tweet from a prepubescent teenager.
A Techie Faux Pas?!

I am still not sure if it was a small blunder on my part or a stroke of sheer sub-conscience genius. Nevertheless in hastily ditching my primary tech I also ditched my access to my method of two factor authentication, meaning that I had also made it a challenge to access many of the offending time wasting websites that I’ve started to loath so much.

Therefore I suddenly found myself being forcefully weened off the self fulfilling wheel of procrastination that people also call social media.

And it felt good!

Phase 2 – Auf Wiedersehen social feeds

As time passed I managed to access most of these procrastination accounts and upon checking my personal email, Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn for the first time in around four days. I was astonished to find that…..

Nothing had been missed. Well I admit that I had missed out on making a large sum of money by not providing my bank details to three distant relations from Nigeria. But I’m sure that they’ll find one of my long lost brothers who have more money more than me.

Yep. I’ve adopted a #passingItForward mentality in relation to spam.

But seriously. The world was indeed still turning. And with this phase two was in full flight.

All but wedding guests on Facebook were removed. 600 ‘friends’ gone and 48 remained. #tidy

Throughout the week I had been running without a gps watch and it felt awesome! Yes I couldn’t track it thus no one would know that I had done it. But I no one actually cares and I know I ran it as (guess what)

I was there when it happened.

And so on that bombshell I bid you goodnight. But before I go consider this, no-one cares about what you did today. They only ask out of politeness.